Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are a sample of what we regularly get asked.

You must read the full Terms and Conditions in conjunction with this list. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    What do I need to provide?
    All caravans are provided with a comprehensive list of inclusions. All you should need is a suitable tow vehicle, food, drink, linen and clothes.

    I’ve never set up a caravan before. Is it difficult?
    When you arrive to pick up your caravan, we will spend at least an hour teaching you everything you need and want to know on how to “set up” your caravan while you are on your holiday.

    Will my vehicle tow the caravan?
    Each caravan has a tow weight that should be checked against your vehicle’s specifications. Please check carefully – if not sure please contact us.
    All of our vehicles are equipped with a flat 7 pin connector. We can supply round 7 pin adaptors if required.
    Most caravans use the common 50mm ball hitch.
    The Discovery Plus uses a special off road hitch – the “HITCHMASTER® DO35 V2-I”. You will need to remove your tow ball to use this hitch.

    Is the caravan supplied with a battery?
    Yes, all have at least a 100 amp/hour battery with solar panel charging. The caravans can also be charged via mains power (if available) or trickle fed from the towing vehicle (if fitted with an Anderson plug).

    Is the caravan supplied with gas?
    Yes, all have a filled Gas bottle included in the hire price. An additional bottle can be included and need only be paid for if used.

    Is insurance included?
    Yes, all caravans are fully insured. However, there is an excess that applies in the event of any damage (covered by your bond).
    When will I get my bond back?
    Once a full inspection of the caravan has been completed. Usually within one week of return.

    If I have problems who do I contact?
    Please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency please contact emergency services as you would normally.

    What happens if I break something?
    In the event something happens to break while you are away, don’t panic. We have a supply of specific quality items for the caravans and your bond will be used to replace them when you return. We are aware that accidents happen to the best of us.   Please advise us of any breakage as soon as you can so that we can plan repairs ahead of time.

    Can I take caravans off road?
    Yes, although some conditions do still apply. See terms and conditions for details.

    Please Read Full Terms and Conditions